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Best practices & observations in accounting for digital assets
We get experts to share their best practices, opinions and observations in accounting for digital assets. Learn from industry leading professionals and discuss the best ways to create your financial systems to account for transactions not covered under any guidelines.
Curated and relevant news from the industry
We curate the most relevant news for you as an accountant, auditor or tax specialist from the cryptocurrency industry. Keep a pulse on the world-wide industry and how it evolves simply by opening the newsletter every other week.
Questions & Answers from other accountants on digital assets
Do you have a burning question or desire to help other accountants with your knowledge? This newsletter is the place to do. Every other week we feature a question and answer.
Regulatory decisions & guidelines issued on digital assets from around the globe
Be the first to know what regulations and guidelines are being put forth by regulators from all over the world. Increase the ability to understand the best way forward for your situation by learning what the industry is leaning towards.
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